Aymen wasfi dhahir Ghuson fadhil Rayi


One hundred and three were collected from intensive care units from(ICU) Basrah hospitals (Al-Fayhaa General hospital,Al-Mawanee General hospital, Al-Sadder teaching hospital, AL-Basrah children’s specialty hospital, Basrah Oil company hospital).from Dec 2020 till John 2021to identify the source and the type of bacterial contamination in ICU and to study the sensitivity of bacterial isolates to commonly used antibiotics in hospitals.The samples were including clinical and environmental samples, The clinical samples including (blood, urine) and the environmental samples including (beds ,walls and different instruments ).all samples were cultured by inoculated on nutrient agar ,blood agar, manitol agar and maconckey agar ,incubated for culture growth ,all bacterial isolates that grow on these media were identified by biochemical test and vitek2 compact system forty-seven pure isolates were obtained .the results of identification by vitek 2 compact system showed that the most common bacteria was Enterobacter spp. 20 (42.5%) followed by 16 (34%) Sstaphylococcus spp.,7(14.8%) Pseudomonas spp.,2(4.2%) Klebsiella spp.,1(2.1%) Pantoea spp.and E.coli 1(2.1%). Staphylococcus spp show a high resistance to commonly used antibiotics when Enterobacter spp showed less resistance.

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Bacteria, ICU, sensisvity ,Enterobacter ,staph, identification

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