Fatima Hafidh Lateef Saadoun Abdul-Hadi Al-Ajeel


The study aims to investigate the effect of foliar apllication of nano-amino acids and NPK fertilizer in the rates of volatile oils, chlorophyll, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in the leaves of Salvia rosmarinus. The experiment was factorial with two factors, namely nano-amino acids at three concentrations (0, 2 and 3) ml.L-1 , and the second factor is NPK compound with three concentrations (0, 3 and 4) g.L-1 and the interaction between them. The results showed that mostly the higher concentrations of foliar spraying treatments with nano-amino acids and NPK compound( 3 ml/L and 4gm/L respectively) gave the highest of the volatile oils rates and the interaction between the two gave the highest rates within the experiment’s treatments.

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Salvia rosmarinus leaves; nano-amino acids; NPK fertilizer

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