Zainab Noaman Eyada Raid J. M. Al-Timimi Haitham AL-Kubaisy Yasir M. Abdulateef


Objective: In Iraq, the COVID-19 pandemic was catastrophic, leading to mortality and morbidity. One of the leading causes of mortality was cell apoptosis that leads to organ failure. Aim: To diagnose the cell apoptosis of COVID-19 patients at an early stage so we can predict earlier organ failure. Methods: The research was conducted in the medicinal chemistry department of Al-Nahrain University/College of Medicine in Baghdad, Iraq. One hundred patients of different stages proved COVID-19 and compared with 100 persons in the control group, measure caspase-8 enzyme and acute inflammatory markers, procalcitonin (PCT), and IL-6 with COVID-19 immunoglobulins IgG, IgM in the blood of two groups. We're done—statical studies with clinical analysis results. Results: The marker of cell apoptosis was caspase-8 enzymes, which showed vertical elevation with the increase in severity of COVID-19 patients. There was a strong relationship between the caspase-8 enzyme and acute inflammatory markers. Moreover, there is a relationship between the caspase-8 enzyme and COVID-19 immunoglobulins. Conclusion: The caspase-8 enzyme is a strong marker of severity in COVID-19 patients and indicates a life-threatening condition.

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caspase-8, COVID-19, severity, deterioration

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