Hazem Maan Abd Ali Imad Kadem Yasser


Sociology is one of the most prominent academic trends among other sciences, which aims to identify the rationale of reasons and ideas that pertain to people and societies, and in any case it has a long history and we can trace its origins in the mixture of human knowledge and common philosophy. The early nineteenth century, as an academic response to the challenge of modernity, as the world was turning into a more and more integrated and interconnected whole, while the lives of individuals became more individual and isolated, sociologists took from this point of view to understand the transformations that occurred in groups or people from the social side, looking forward to develop Or improve social disintegration. Aspects in social adaptation take multiple and different forms, some of which are related to the individual, some are related to his family, some are related to his educational or lived reality, some are related to his environment, and some are related to the physical, cultural or social situation. And the transition from one environment to another environment that differs from the accepted real environment because it carries many special matters for the individual that require adaptation to it despite the various circumstances, such as identifying the nature of society or individuals as a result of the practices or cultures that the individual possesses in the amount of judgment as well as adapting to it and the difficulties they face in their social adjustment.

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self-assurance; social adaptation's; standard indicator

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