Mushtak A.Jabbar Wedian K. Abad Ahmed N. Abd


Cadmium oxide NPs produced using cinnamon extract and employed as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in this work. CdO thin film has polycrystalline structure with crystallite size 20.72 nm according to an XRD analysis. The SEM results confirmed results of XRD that the produced particles' behavior in the nanostructure. The UV–visible absorption spectra revealed that the absorbance peak is around 279 nm, and the vibrational modes of phytochemicals in the extract analyzed using the FT-IR technique, which allows for material identification and information. One bacterial strains and one fungal species were looked at using different concentration of CdO-NPs. The antibacterial and antifungal activity were excellent even at low concentration..

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CdO NPs, cinnamon extract, Anti-bacterial Activity, candida

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