Hashem Mohammed Herz Jassim Saad Jassim


The study aimed to construct two measures of deliberative leadership and functional performance, as well as to identify the relationship between deliberative leadership and job performance among the technical sports supervisors in the central and southern regions. The researcher used the descriptive approach using the field survey method. The research sample consisted of the sports technical supervisors in the central and southern regions for the year (2022) and their number was (200). The research sample was divided into a construction sample of (120) and an application sample of (60). To collect data. As for the construction procedures, they are (determining the areas of the scale, determining the style of drafting the paragraphs, drafting the paragraphs of each field in the initial form, as well as adopting the scientific steps and procedures in building the scale, which include the validity of the content and the apparent validity of the scale and the validity of the construction represented by the statistical analysis of the paragraphs by the methods of the two extreme groups and internal consistency The statistical methods used to analyze the data using the statistical bag (spss) to produce the percentage, the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation, and the simple correlation coefficient, t.test for independent samples, and the most important conclusions and recommendations of the study were the existence of a statistically significant relationship for all dimensions of leadership dialogue on job performance, As for the recommendations, the importance of choosing the study model and its variables in other Iraqi organizations (other than the departments of Alan Sports and school activities) such as banks, industrial organizations, communication companies, and others.

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conversational leadership; technical sports; southern Iraq

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