Dra. Nathalie Steffy Ponce Reyes Esp Dra. Myrian Margarita Grijalva Palacios Esp Dr.Carlos Mauricio Saeteros Cárdenas Esp Dra. Adriana Katherine Quezada Quiñonez Esp


This research aimed to describe the applications of modular tissue engineering advances in regenerative dentistry and marks a change in the paradigm of endodontic and periodontal therapy from simple pulp capping and root planing to reconstruction of dental tissue. Documentary research was used, data were collected through a descriptive registry and analyzed with the content analysis technique. The bibliometric analysis was performed by searching in three academic databases, which were Scopus, Pubmed and Web of Science. The corpus of the present study consisted of 20 articles (2018- 2022), 9 researches analyzed cell sheets of apical origin for endodontic regeneration, 8 studies included periodontal ligament-derived stem cells for periodontal renewal and 3 studies evaluated cellular spheroids acting on angio/vasculogenesis and resilience. This review compiles strategies for endodontic and periodontal regeneration, emphasizing the commercialization of some cell membrane-based systems. In addition, the synergy between the endo-perio continuum in delayed oral healing and the 3D Bio-fabrication strategy of scaffold-free systems.

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Regenerative dentistry, dental pulp, periodontium, cellular laminates, 3D Bio-fabrication.

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