Luis Fernando Pérez Solis Ángel Fabricio Villacís Tapia Jorge David Morales Cobo


Introduction: Sealant cements are essential to obtain a successful root canal treatment, it is vitally important that they have biocompatible, antimicrobial properties that do not allow microfiltration and that they are not toxic to avoid irritating the periapical tissues.  Objective: To evaluate the available scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of BioRoot sealant cement. Methods: To carry out this scientific bibliographic review article, it was through duly verified scientific articles similar to the main topic.  Results: BioRoot sealant cement belongs to the bioceramic cements that are recently launched products on the market, which have been proven to have properties that help the periapical tissues to have good healing, adhesion and mineralization at the time of endodontics. It also contributes to bone regeneration.  Conclusions: BioRoot cement is a material with high purity, which is why several authors recommend this product, which has a bioactive technology for tissues and, thanks to it, excellent results have been obtained.

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Sealant cement, Bioroot, Endodontics

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