Dr. Edwin Marcelo Miranda Solís


Introduction: Acute coronary syndrome is the leading cause of mortality in Ecuador, despite efforts and modern diagnostic and laboratory processes continues to be a health problem worldwide and especially in developing countries. Objective: To determine the clinical characteristics and epidemiological profile of patients with acute coronary syndrome. Material and methods: A descriptive, retrospective study was carried out on patients treated at the Cardiology Department of the Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital in the city of Quito - Ecuador. The data were selected from a sample of 207 patients and analyzed using the SPSS V.25 software. Results: It was determined that the majority of patients resided in urban areas, the average age of presentation was 66 years (+/- 13.96). The main pathological antecedents linked to coronary syndrome were arterial hyper- tension, diabetes and ischemic heart disease; typical chest pain was predominant; mestizo patients presented a lower development of IAMCEST compared to other ethnic groups (OR: 0.930; 95% CI: 0.872-0.993), the his- tory of malignancies predisposes to a larger class on the Killip scale upon admission (OR: 1,593; 95% CI: 1,093-5,871). In patients with hypothyroidism and cancer, a greater predisposition of infarction was found. Conclusion: The timely identification and proper management of comorbidities such as cardiac arrhytimias, hypothyroidism and previous myocardial infarction are pathologies to be taken into account because they pre- dispose to increase the presentation of coronary events and their recurrence in the population over 50 years.

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Acute coronary syndrome, Risks Factors, Epidemiology

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