Silva Lara Kleiner Smith Salame Ortiz Verónica Alejandra López Torres Rómulo Guillermo Lozada López Fanny del Rocío


Pregnancy is a biological process that entails physiological and psychological changes in the pregnant woman. These changes modify the body of the mother-to-be and, consequently, her oral cavity is no exception; there are a greater predisposition to caries, the appearance of gestational gingivitis, periodontitis, dental erosion, halitosis, among others. The aim of this study is to analyse the medical criteria regarding the importance of oral health during pregnancy and the follow-up given to these criteria. The main results obtained were that 22% of those surveyed considered that it was not necessary to carry out specific periodontal check-ups in accordance with the gestation period. Furthermore, despite the recommendations given, the majority of professionals do not follow up on the patient's oral health care, which makes it difficult for the dentist to carry out preventive activities.

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Pregnancy, oral health, gingivitis, pregnancy epulis, caries

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