Villacís Cobo Katherine Viviana Salame Ortiz Verónica Alejandra López Torres Rómulo Guillermo


Class III is a complex intervention malocclusion, there are different treatment options related to the patient's growth potential, always starting with the correction of the transverse plane to stimulate the sutural complex of the maxilla and favor advancement with the use of a surgical mask. protraction. Objective: To assess the evolution of skeletal class III treatment with the Petit and Hyrax mask. Materials and Methods: Case report of a female patient with a diagnosis of bimaxillary skeletal class III. Results: The growth of the anterior part of the maxilla, premaxilla and frontal process was improved, modification of the direction of mandibular growth, this is reflected in satisfactory facial changes. Conclusion: The treatment objectives are met, improving the patient's quality of life by establishing a natural balance.

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Class III, Facial Mask, Petit Mask, Class III Management, Early - Late Treatment

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