Msc. Roberto Javier Aguilar Berrezueta Dayse Beatriz Criollo Iñiguez Valeria Leonela Robles López


This article is based on a qualitative study about the current understanding of the concept of mental health, especially from the perspective of the student and teaching community towards their own state of mental well-being and the stigma it presents towards it. In order to instruct this field, some contributions are presented as results of surveys, guidance and information provided by professionals in the psychological field focused both on the personal level of the student and in general in the Uniandino community. It was found that the concept of mental health in relation to the development of lifestyles and personal, interpersonal, social and professional traits refers to an integrated idea of biopsychosocial well-being.

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mental health, biopsychosocial, depression, anxiety, well-being

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