Jami Carrera Jeanneth Elizabeth Ortiz Rivadeneira Lorena Domenica Lliguay Guanga Micaela Judith


From the evolution of severe acute respiratory syndrome or COVID-19, which through studies was called SARS-Cov-2. This generated a pandemic that has caused a global crisis in recent years, thus, cases of people with skin manifestations have been reported either before or after the phases of COVID-19 infection. However, most cases with Herpes Virus were evidenced in immunocompromised people, or patients with comorbidities, that is, in patients who presented a critical state where they could manifest through: small papules, vesicles and pustules of different sizes. Therefore, it is important to inform health personal of this condition that increases mortality. This article focused on describing the relationship between Herpes Viruses and Covid-19 in order to facilitate their diagnosis and treatment, thanks to the fact that a search analysis was carried out through scientific bibliographic reviews.

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Covid 19; Herpes Virus; SARS-CoV-2; immunosuppression; cutaneous manifestations; vesicular rash; Vaccines.

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