Bhuvaneshwari S Manickavalli E Apollo James Mercy Dora.T


The dominance of hepatitis C virus (HCV)  and hepatitis virus (HBV) infections among people infected with HIV is high  and increasing, unlike the rest of the realm. Nevertheless, a small number of HIV-infected patients receive treatment for  hepatitis. Altering the integrity of co-infection outcomes makes the design of such patients a major challenge. Efforts should also be thru through multidisciplinary wellbeing overhaul amenities to surge the relevance and accessibility of care, particularly for vulnerable groups such as  migrants, injectable drug users (IDUs), inmates, and people with drug conditions. A person who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol. The persistence of this article is to deliver a clear idea of ​​​​the treatment outcomes and treatment of our HIV infection with HAV, HBV and HCV.

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HCV, HBV, Injectable drug

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