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In this study, cholesterol levels in a number of dietary oils including sesame oil, and animal fats: sheep fat, sheep belly fat, beef fat, free fat, and commercial hydrogenated cooking oil were determined. The oils under study were used with the diet in feeding 42 male rats, which were divided into seven groups. Six groups were fed on diets with 10% added oils or fats, and a control group (standard diet). Treatments were, 6 rats of each group fed on a standard diet supplemented with 10% of; sheep tail fat T1, Sheep belly fat T2, Sesame oil T3, beef fat T4, commercial hydrogenated oil T5, pure cow ghee T6, or the control fed on standard diet only T7. The feeding continued for a period of 42 days. Then, rats were killed, dissected where blood samples were taken from the heart directly for performing lipid profile tests including TC-TG-HDL-LDL and VLDL. In testing cholesterol levels in the oils or fats samples under study, the results showed that beef fat had the highest cholesterol level, followed by ghee fat, sheep tail fat, and sheep belly fat, where the lowest levels of cholesterol were recorded in sesame oil and cooking oil, respectively. Treatments T4-T3-T2-T1 did not differ in blood HDL values in treated rats from the control treatment which was significantly different from the lowest values of HDL in the treatments T5 and T6. The LDL value of T6 treatment decreased with a significant difference from the control, while the other treatments did not differ among each other or compared to the control. However, VLDL values did not differ among treatments. The T6 treatment recorded less blood glucose (GLOU), TC, and TG which significantly differed from the control, as the other treatments did not differ from the control or among each other. The normal levels of blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood proteins in rats fed on 10% fat or vegetable oil remove concern and anxiety against these fats and support their nutritional health benefits.

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essential oil, cholesterol, fats, blood tests, nutrition

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