Mahmood Y. Younis Hiyam Adel Altaii


The present study aimed to identify bacteremia in ICU patients, determine the antibiotic resistance profiles and minimum inhibitory concentrations(MICs) of all isolates by using the Vitek-2 compact system. 90 blood samples from both sexes and from different age groups ranging from (21-90) years were collected from different hospitals in Mosul city, for the period between the first of July and December of 2022. Samples were subjected to bacterial diagnosis, antibiotic sensitivity test by using Vitek2. The results of the current study indicated that 66(73.33%) blood samples revealed negative cultures and 24(26.67%) blood sample revealed positive cultures consisting of 14(58.34%) Gram-positive bacteremia were predominant, and 10(41.66% ) Gram-negative bacteremia. Antimicrobial susceptibility test(AST) revealed that Vancomycin, linezolid, Imipenem and Rifampicin provided the best antibacterial effect against most Gram-positive bacteremia while Meropenem, Imipenem and Colistin were the best against the most of gram negative bacterial isolates.

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ICU patients, Bacteremia, Antibiotics, Sensitivity, Resistance

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