Iman Qasim Kteo Al-Hussien


Background: The assessment.of the patients satisfaction were become an important concern in the evaluation.of health services). Satisfaction can be defined as patients’ experience, and his or her expectation that related to the general health needs. By understanding the importance of satisfaction and determining its existing level, health care services can be made relevant to the requirement of people and patients. Methodology: a descriptive analytical study was carried out to assess the level of Patients Satisfaction with Nursing Care provided in Al-Najaf City/ Middle Euphrates Cancer Center. The period of the study is from December 1st, 2018 up to March 25th, 2019. The data were collected through the use of the Arabic version of the questionnaire and by means of the interview technique with 200 (female and male) cancer patient those who visit Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf / Middle Euphrates Cancer center.Results : the study results show that the overall assessment of patient’s satisfaction with care is satisfied(good), and relationship between overall mean of scores of patients' satisfaction and their socio-demographic sub-groups is not significant. Conclusions: the study concludes that the level of patient satisfaction regard to health care services performed is good, and the demographic and clinical data of study sample have no effect on patient satisfaction regarding nursing care performed at hospital just with frequency of their hospitalization. Recommendations: the study recommends that further nurses researches should be carried out to provide the patients’ needs from the health services. Besides, establishing continuous strategic plans for the improvements of quality health services especially focused on the physical set-up of the hospitals such as ward size; admission procedures including patient experience during admission; training and.support for nursing.staff; and a family-oriented.healthcare.

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