Khalil H. AlJeboory Ahmed B. maJhool


This study was designed to find immunohistochemical changes in mice organs following experimental infection with shiga toxin Escherichia coli 0157:H7.For this reason two groups of white mice, one month old, Kept for 2 weeks for acclimation The first group infected orally with 2ml ( 2.5 x105) infective dose ( LD50 =2.5x 108 ) of STEC 0157: H7 the 2nd group drenched with 1ml of phosphate buffered saline as a control All groups were sacrificed at 7th,14th,21th and 28th days and pieces of tissue from different organs were taken and stained immunochemically the result showed CD8+ and CD4+ T cells markers were present in all organs with different periods of infection, the positive CD8+ and CD4+ T cells markers appeared as brown dots on the surface of cells in examined immune staining tissues comparable not brown dots i.e Negative CD8+ and CD4+ T cells markers in control group.

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STEC 0157:H7, Immuno-histochemical changes

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