Abdulaziz Salih Alghaylani Rabia Batool Majed Ali Alsulaimani Fahad Mohammad Algethami Hatem Swalih Al Themali Majed Abdullah Al Zahrani Ahmed Abdullah Al Thumali Wafi Suhail Dehaim Alotaibi Majed Abdullah Altowairqi Abdullah Ali Ghalib Abdallah Waslallah Awad Aljrdahi Mohammed Salem Althomali Meshal Eid Faleh Althagfi


Background: The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid expansion, making it crucial to understand the impact of leadership styles on employee satisfaction in health administration roles. Employee satisfaction is linked to organizational performance and patient outcomes, necessitating an exploration of effective leadership approaches. Aim: This study aimed to assess prevalent healthcare leadership styles within health administration roles and examine their relationship with employee satisfaction in the Saudi Arabian healthcare sector. Method: A cross-sectional descriptive research design was employed among healthcare employees in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaires assessing leadership styles and job satisfaction. The study included 250 participants, and data analysis was conducted using SPSS v26. Results: The prevalent leadership styles were identified as Autocratic (M = 20.5920), Democratic (M = 17.0720), and Laissez-Faire (M = 27.8400). Significant positive correlations were found between all leadership styles and employee satisfaction. Multiple regression analysis demonstrated that Autocratic (β = 0.326, p < 0.001), Democratic (β = 0.145, p = 0.020), and Laissez-Faire (β = 0.437, p < 0.001) leadership styles significantly predicted employee satisfaction. Conclusion: The study highlights the prevalence of various leadership styles within health administration roles and their positive association with employee satisfaction. Effective leadership practices, regardless of style, contribute to a positive work environment and enhanced employee well-being. These findings underscore the importance of tailored leadership development strategies to improve healthcare administration and employee satisfaction in Saudi Arabia.

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Healthcare Leadership Styles, Employee Satisfaction, Health Administration, Saudi Arabia, Cross-Sectional Study.

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