Rose Adil Hameed Al-Saadi Ishraq Abdul Ameer Salih


Background: Breast cancer and a few other malignancies are significantly more likely to develop in people This study aimed to identify the risk factors of Breast Cancer among Iraqi women. Participants in the study comprised 50 girls with breast cancer, and 50 girls in good health. In this study the distributing of patients into age groups revealed that most patients 17cases (34%) were at the age group (50-39) years old, 13 cases (26%) were at the age group (40-49)years old, 12 (24%) cases were at the age group (≥60) years old, 8 cases (16%) were at the age group (30-39) years oldIn conclusion, Positive risk factor for breast cancer was old age≥60 years, widow or divorced women, menopause, age at menarche <12 years, . Family history, seconddegree relative,not associated with breast cancer. There are some discrepancies between our findings and other studies in the literature need further studies.

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Risk factors , interleukin-12 (IL-12) , breast cancer

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