Abdalnabi J Abid*, Seenaa J Allawande


Acute and chronic kidney injury represent a great health problem worldwide  .The current study aimed to investigate the correlation between TNF alpha levels and its single nucleotide polymorphism for kidney injury patients . Eighty blood samples were collected from kidney failure patients who admitted to hemodialysis unit at marjan hospital , Hilla –Iraq . serum concentrations of TNF a show highly increased in patients compared with healthy persons but there is no significant differences appear between patients before and after hemodialysis . Molecular investigations for TNF a -380 A/C single nucleotide polymorphism show increase in homozygous genotype AA than heterozygous AC and homozygous CC with a percentage of 60 ,30  and 10 % respectively .sodium and potassium concentrations also reveals a noticeable variations after hemodialysis processes.

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cytokines, kidney, polymorphism, genotype .electrolytes

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