Amenah Abd AL-Hassan Jabur*, Ali Ahmed Kadhim, Ghufran Hameed Hussein, Ghadeer Hameed Hussein, Ghufran Sabah Hider, Aliaa Faris Mansour


Background: After surgery, post-operative patients with numerous infectious issues require further attention. Since infection is more likely to occur near the surgical site, post-operative care is particularly critical at this point.

Objectives: To assessment knowledge about   post-operative nursing care in All-Hillah teaching hospitals.

Methodology: A descriptive study design selective to carry out the study in order to assessment of nurse’s knowledge about post-operative in Al-Hillah teaching hospitals from the period 1th September 2018 to 15th April 2019. Nonprobability sample consistent of (50) nurses and questionnaire survey were employed to collect data which involved demographical data, general information and items related to the nurse’s knowledge.

Results: The majority of sample age were between 24-35 years.

Conclusion: The levels of the nurse’s knowledge (early care and late care) of post-operative nursing care is poor.

Recommendation: Educational program can be designed, constructed and administrated to nurses, to increase nurses’ knowledge about post-operative nursing care

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Knowledge, post-operative.

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