Dr. Prashant Tripathi Dr. Priyanka Shukla


Nearly HIV/AIDS has infected 58 million people, and 22 million have died since the first cases were recorded twenty years ago. Over the last two years, the world community has come to the conclusion that HIV/AIDS poses a risk to growth, security, and economic prosperity. Over the previous ten years, a few studies have looked at the impact on workers and their businesses. further which effects the country’s economy. The Aids illness is a primary concern for all health experts in all countries, and it adds serious social disadvantages to societies all over the world. A few make the argument that the Aids pandemic has decelerated the pace of growth in so many nations gross national product (GNP) significantly lowered by more than 1% for every 10% HIV incidence. Those around contend that HIV/AIDS has had only a small effect on the macroeconomy so far. Because many variables other than HIV/AIDS influence economic growth, evaluating the impact of HIV/AIDS on financial outlook experimentally is difficult. This manuscript, on the other hand, discusses a few factors that HIV/AIDS has on the economy.

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