Sabaa Taher Mohammed Seehaam Ali Qasim Nidaa Mohammed Sulaiman Sura Basil Kamal Hanan Faisal Ghazi Hayder Hassan Ghadi


The white beans were used to prepare a new culture medium for the growth of Leishmania parasite in vitro. The medium was composed of two phases. The white beans were used in preparation of the medium with added dextrose and misshapen blood. In the liquid phase, dextrolite solution was used as an oral perfusion solution, instead of lock solution at the first time. At the second time, the cooking water was used beans instead of lock solution . The study showed an increase in the rate of growth of the promastagote stage of parasite in the new medium, and that the increase in the number of parasites was a significant compared to the NNN-media. However, the medium in which the perfusion solution was used was better than the medium used cooking water, the rate of parasites was the highest on the eighth day of growth) 1762.5× 104), (2162.5×104) and (1006.9 ×104 (cell / ml in the media of the perfusion solution, media of cooking water and NNN-media respectively. the parasite continued growth but at a lower rate and good vitality until the twenteth day, the number of parasites reached for (81.25×104) cell / ml in the beans media and (118.75×104) cell / ml in the NNN-media.

This study showed that the percentage of the parasite viability was good and increased from the second day to the highest on the eighth day (96%) in the NNN-media and beans media with oral perfusion, and on the 20th day, it was only (12% and 8%) respectively. While the beans media with cooking water was only (73%) on the sixth day, all these results were obtained without making sub-culture to the parasite.

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NNNmedia, Leishmania, white beans, promastigote

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