Innovative nursing practices

Liz Foote
HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Hello and welcome to the first issue of 2017. I am really excited about this issue, which is full of, what we hope are, interesting and challenging articles. Thank you to all the authors for their time and effort, and for being so prompt in sending their manuscripts.
I am passionate about equity for all and engaging with ‘hard-to-reach groups’. This was one of the driving forces behind my becoming a nurse. As part of my MSc my dissertation focused on reasons why injecting drug users cannot access healthcare services, and a significant barrier was stigma – actual and perceived [1]. The need for innovative approaches to engage hard-to-reach populations cannot be overstated. These groups commonly include drug users, people living with HIV (PLWH), refugees, asylum seekers, LGBT, black and ethnic minorities, and homeless people [2]. Read more…