NEED: care delivery in the HIV field

Christina Antoniadi
Registered Nurse, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust, London

As healthcare professionals we often have to deal with more or less challenging situations and manage them to the best of our abilities. Our training provides us with certain tools but occasionally life exceeds theory, and expectations. This article will illustrate how sympathy, empathy and compassion can be, and usually are, employed in combination in order to successfully treat patients and engage them in care. I will also be explaining a dimension of personalised care focusing on need and its importance for the individuals receiving care. A case study is presented in order to achieve this and analysed with certain aspects of compassionate care as defined by Sinclair et al [1]. A theoretical framework on the terms is provided later in the text, followed by research highlighting patients’ understanding of the terms and the differences they experience in the delivery of care. Finally, a mention of the Denver Principles (1983) highlights how people living with HIV envisioned their care [2], while the Paris Declaration (2017) provides a good indicator for the future transformation of services and healthcare delivery [3]. Read more…