Partnerships in practice

Pauline Jelliman
CNS HIV/AIDS, Liverpool Community Health, UK

This issue’s theme is ‘Community and collaboration’, particularly appropriate with conference just around the corner. We all want to see healthcare professionals and their allies working together as constructively as possible … and upping their game in terms of anticipating and meeting patient needs. Equally, the individuals, families and groups who access services as patients need more than ever to be informed and empowered to get the best outcome possible. This has never been more keenly felt than in today’s climate, where squeezed budgets mean the stakes are higher than ever.
Diane Exley and Kate Cernik set out the governing principles by which their general practice aims to offer the best possible service to people living with HIV, with the emphasis very much on continuity, adaptability … and above all being approachable. My contribution looks at links between genderbased violence and HIV, an issue currently in the public eye following a recent feasibility study to explore the application of international research to the UK setting. Let us hope that we soon hear more on this subject. Read more…