Resourcing peer support volunteers in HIV prevention and sexual wellbeing: NHS settings

David Stuart
56 Dean Street (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Nursing staff in sexual health and HIV settings may find themselves busier than ever before, as HIV diagnoses amongst gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) continue to rise [1], and as MSM face newer challenges around their sexual wellbeing and behaviour. HIV stigma, community PrEP debates, the increasing use of geo-sexual networking Apps, and ChemSex trends [2] are bringing more MSM into our services and, in some cases, challenging the amount of time or care we are able to devote to them in our consultations. And in a climate of cuts and austerity, this is a concern [3].
It has always been a comfort that there is a resource of gay men’s support services and charities, staffed in many cases by passionate volunteers and peer support workers, to which to refer our patients [4], so we know that the underlying complexities that bring our patients into clinic may be addressed. Read more. . .