Review of a competency framework for non-medical prescribers caring for people living with HIV

Anna Kime
Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Maintaining safe and effective prescribing practice is challenging for non-medical prescribers (NMPs). A recent increase in the availability of complex drug treatments and regimes especially for people living with HIV has led to an increased risk of medication errors and adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
The use of multiprofessional prescribing forums presents an opportunity for NMPs to reduce the risk of medication errors and improve quality of patient care by sharing information about actual or potential medication problems and address safety concerns on a regular basis. Prescribing forums can be used to identify and address factors contributing to medication errors, educate staff about medications, and promote a culture of change among prescribers. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society‚Äôs (RPS) Competency Framework for all Prescribers (2016) provides an ideal structure for multiprofessional prescribing forums [1]. Read more…