Take Control, Learn and Connect: weekend workshops for people recently diagnosed with HIV

Marc Thompson1 and Jim Fielder2
1National Coordinator, Project 100, Positively UK; 2Gay Men’s Support Worker, Positively UK

For many people, receiving an HIV diagnosis is a worrying and confusing time. Reactions can range from shock, anger, guilt, shame and disappointment through to denial or even a nonchalant acceptance that the infection was somehow inevitable. Some recently diagnosed people have reported to us at Positively UK that they felt a sense of relief, particularly if they had been diagnosed HIV positive after a period of ill health. Self-stigma is commonly reported among people living with HIV and this may be particularly high among those recently diagnosed [1].
Whatever the reaction, one thing that is common at the start of a person’s HIV journey is the need for information, reassurance and support. Nearly all recently diagnosed people have questions about their health, treatment, who to tell, and how to prevent transmission. Some may need to meet others with the same experience to be reassured that they can continue with life. Read more . . .