The correlation between violence, women and HIV: a public health perspective

Pauline Jelliman
Clinical Lead HIV and TB Community Nursing Teams, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Violence is recognised as a significant public health issue, impacting on individuals, families and communities. Firstly, this article discusses violence from a global public health perspective. Secondly, the discussion progresses to address the issue of violence against women and girls (VAWG).Thirdly, the focus moves to the correlation between women living with HIV, and violence, incorporating discussions on the impact VAWG has on HIV transmission, including contributing factors such as gender inequalities and homophobia. Genderbased violence, intimate partner violence (GBV and IPV), and the consequences of violence for women with HIV are then discussed. The article concludes with recommendations to address, reduce and eradicate the issue of VAWG. Read more. . .