Thinking positive

A heterosexual man’s account of diagnosis,
adjustment and securing a new future

I’ve been asked to write an article about the kind of issues a heterosexual HIV-positive man might face or has faced in the current climate and time we live in. This is not the first time I have been asked to do this – although I have declined in the past.
The main thing I have realised about being HIV positive is that you can face different issues at different times, many of which arise from the infrastructure you have around you. This infrastructure has nothing directly to do with living with HIV as a heterosexual man, but it can have a direct effect on how you’re able to cope. These factors, which can be many or few, may have a bearing on your diagnosis – in a significant way, in a small way, or not at all:
Do you have a good job and if so is it likely to be affected by your diagnosis? If you’re unemployed then is your diagnosis going to affect your chance of the work you want to do? 
Do you have supportive friends and family that you could trust with your diagnosis or are there strained and uncertain relationships that could lead you not to tell them?
Do you have a comfortable lifestyle?
Do you live in a stress-free environment at home, with your own space, or do you share a house with others – and what would happen if they found out?
Are you in a relationship and is there a person or person(s) you have to disclose to – or are you single?
Are you healthy or do you have other medical issues that could be compounded by HIV? Are you going to start antiretrovirals straight away, or are you going to wait?. Read more…