U=U ‘The time for excuses is over’: a guide for nurses

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community), Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

At the 2018 National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) conference, International AIDS Society (IAS) 2018 conference and the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) annual conference, I made a pledge that NHIVNA, along with around 750 HIV associations across the world, would wholeheartedly support the U=U (undetectable equals untransmittable) campaign. The U=U campaign has been growing steadily since 2016 and the research and science is now so convincing that, as professionals working with HIV, it was something we needed to get behind and also develop our own statement. Many nurses have taken this message on board, others aren’t too sure and some feel it’s a foolhardy statement. In this article I will discuss these concerns, the science behind the U=U campaign and what we, as HIV nurses, should know to allow us to educate not only the people with HIV but also our peers, colleagues and others. As a profession steeped in evidence-based practice the science and the evidence is clear. So why aren’t we all behind it?. Read More…