What triggered my heart attack?

Jackie Morton
Registered Nurse, UK-CAB

Heart disease can develop as a result of a range of risk factors. This article explores my personal risk factors and their impact on a sudden ischaemic episode that changed my life.
On Monday 5 November 2018, while attending a routine screening appointment with my practice nurse at the local GP surgery, I had a heart attack. The pain started between my shoulder blades, and at first I thought it was indigestion, no pain down my left arm and no sweating, no shortness of breath. But it soon became clear that this pain was more than indigestion when it became so severe it hurt to move.
After 5 days, following an angioplasty and stent to a blocked left anterior descending artery (LAD) often called the ‘widow maker infarction’ due to a high death risk, I embarked on trying to find out why this had happened (Figure 1).
At 65 years old, 5ft 1in in height, 51 kgs weight, non-smoker, non-drinker and married to a chef that insists on healthy eating and home cooked foods, my ‘cardiac risk’ profile would appear to be extremely low. So what triggered my heart attack?. Read more…