‘When they can see that the young person is healthy you can see joy on their faces’: a journey of a young person living with HIV and their clinical experience

Abi Carter, CHIVA Participation Officer

An interview with a 19-year-old young man with perinatally acquired HIV and his Paediatric Specialist Nurse (PSN) explores the life experiences of this young person and reveals the significance of the clinical relationship with his nurse in his provision of care. Hearing both the young person’s and the nurse’s perspectives on aspects of this relationship facilitates a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of young people with HIV.
Improvements in the perinatal management of women with diagnosed HIV have reduced the vertical transmission of HIV in the UK to 0.28% [1]. As the number of new infant HIV acquisitions has declined, a greater number of new paediatric diagnoses are found in children and young people born abroad. Furthermore, the paediatric population is growing up and the number of young people transitioning to adult services is rapidly increasing [2]. Read more…