Shaymaa Mohammed Fayyadh Foud Nihad abed Haza satar majeed Samer S. Mohammed


This research used epoxy resin as a base phase and glass fibers of the type (Woven Roving) as a cementing phase. Samples were prepared manually with molds that fit the standard dimensions of each examination. Three models were ready to study the effect of immersion conditions in chemical solutions on (structural, spectral, physical, and mechanical) properties. Solutions: NaOH at a concentration of 2% and H2SO4 at a concentration of 20%, and distilled water with a specific range of immersion times, which is (1,3) a week. The results of (AFM) showed that the effect of immersion in water and an acidic solution on the surface is substantial compared to the impact of the base solution., which was very close to the samples before immersion in granular size distribution. We note that the absorption spectrum of UV rays at high wavelengths of the visible spectrum was as high as possible for the basic solution and as low as possible for the acidic solution, while the absorbance of the models immersed in water was at average values close to the absorbance of the models before immersion. As for the IR spectrum of all models, it shows the appearance of the effective bands in a process at different immersion conditions, while we notice a disappearance of the bending band of the amine when immersed in the basic solution in the first week, which indicates the cracking of some bonds of polymer chains. properties to various immersion conditions was positive on both the apparent porosity and water absorption. At the same time, it was negative on the bulk density, where the highest value was (2.921) gm/cm3 for models before immersion. The lowest value was (1.93) gm/cm3 for models immersed in water. In the third week, we also noted that the effect of immersion conditions was positive on slip wear and negative on hardness values.

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epoxy resin, fiberglass, structural properties, physical properties. Spectral properties.

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