Muñoz- del- Carpio-Toia, Agueda Manrique Sam María Cecilia Sánchez Guillén Johany Salazar Corrales Ana Paula Alvarez -Cervantes, Giancarlo Galdos-Rodriguez, George Bernabé-Ortiz Julio César


Introduction: Anemia is a pathology present in the blood, which affects mainly children and pregnant women living in developing countries and has several associated factors, of which molecular factors have been little studied. Objective: To analyze different serum molecular markers related to anemia. Material and methods: Samples of blood from 40 children with iron deficiency anemia and 10 children without anemia from the city of Arequipa were analyzed as controls. Abbkine ELISA detection kits were used, including Hepcidin (HEP25), erythropoietin (EPO), vitamin B12(VITB-12), interleukin 6 (IL-6), folic acid, ferritin light chain (FTL), C-reactive protein (CRP) and transferrin (TF) to determine their serum concentration and establish their relationship with childhood anemia. Results: We found a hepcidin level of 40.88 ug/Lm lower than the control 126.06 ug/L (p = 0.019); and an average interleukin 6 level (p = 3.83E-6) of 12.55 ug/L, lower than the control of 4.30 ug/L. For the erythropoietin marker, no statistical difference was found between cases and the control group; for the Vitamin. B12, a significant statistical difference was found between cases and control. However, the variable is ambiguous since it has not yet been determined with certainty how important the lack of vitamin B12 may be for the generation of iron deficiency anemia. No significant difference was found for protein C, transferrin, erythropoietin, and folic acid. Conclusion: It was found that the molecular markers: Hepcidin, vitamin B12, IL-6, Folic Acid and C-reactive protein presented statistically significant differences with the control group. The markers for erythropoietin and transferrin showed no changes. Likewise, the vitamin B12 marker was observed to have a lower value in children with anemia. It is hoped that further work can establish the impact of vitamin B12 and the categorization of the other molecular markers for the detection of iron deficiency anemia.

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iron deficiency anemia, molecular markers, sandwich ELISA

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