Madjidova Yakuthon Nabievna Axmedjanova Zumrad Bahramovna Abdullayeva Vasila Karimovna Ziyahodjaeva Latofat Uchkinovna Abidova Muqaddas Athamovna


Annotation: The causes of the development of cerebrovascular diseases in COVID-19 may be a significant deterioration in the rheological properties of blood, activation of hemostasis, changes in the atrombogenic properties of the vascular wall endothelium. Thrombocytopenia and elevated levels of fibrinogen, D-dimer and coagulation factor VIII are most often observed in COVID-19. Changes in the indicators of neurobiomarkers, namely antibodies to gliadin-fibrillar acid protein (GFAP), S-100 protein, to serotonin and dopamine receptors in CHEM indicate the severity of this disease. The aim of the study was to study the features of neurological and biochemical parameters in patients with CHEM who had a coronavirus infection, to assess the number and prognostic value of markers of brain damage: antibodies to GFAP, serotonin, dopamine receptors and S-100 protein.

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chronic cerebral ischemia, COVID-19, antibodies to GFAP, serotonin, dopamine receptors, S-100 protein.

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