Allawi Hamead Harjan Shihab Ahmed Jasim Hussien Abid Ali Mraity Ali Jaafar Azeez B.A. Almayahi Azhar S. Alaboodi


In this research, radiation doses (ESD) were estimated for patients undergoing some extremity x-ray examination in Al Hakeem General Hospital. Radiographic exposure factors (e.g. tube potential (kVp), tube loading (mAs) and distance) that affect the amount of dose were collected for each patient. The ESD was calculated by applying a given mathematical equation. In this study, four medical X-ray examinations (arm, wrist, ankel and knee) were considered. The latter examination was taken in postero-anterior (PA) projection. This study includes 86 patients from adult (men and women). The resulting data in room 1,2 show that the arm examination range had its lowest values 0.07, 0.06 mGy  and its highest values 0.48, 0.44 mGy, respectively, while the results of the wrist examination were: the lowest values 0.25, 0.31 mGy and the highest values 0.94, 1.43 mGy respectively. The lowest values of ESD for the ankle were 0.26 and 0.29 mGy and its highest values were seen to be 0.55 and 0.31 mGy respectively, and the results of the knee examination showed that its lowest values were 0.25, 0.27 mGy and its highest value 0.98, 1.10 mGy respectively. The results showed that the ESD for the majority of the X-ray examinations considered in this study were seen to be higher than those reported in literature. Similarly, the exposure factors (kVp, and mAs) seen to be even higher than those published reports.

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X-ray, incoming surface dose, exposure, Al Hakeem General Hospital.

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