Samah O. Al-Rammahi Tabarek Falah Naji S.S. Farhan Kareem K. Mohammad


The amount of radioactivity of radon gas that is emitted from 10 toothpaste samples containing coal and available in the Iraqi markets was calculated, by using a CR-39 plastic organic detector. store of the samples with the CR-39 detector about time 3 month and the process of the etched by using 6.25 N of NaOH solution at temperature 85˚C for 3 hours. The results showed the maximum value concentration of Radon (222Rn) to be 103.4 Bq.m−3 in Teeth Whitening- tooth powder and the minimum concentration of Radon (222Rn) to be 15.75 in Crest- tooth paste . The mean value concentration of Radon (63.6293 Bq.m-3). All the reading obtained are within the international range, (200 Bq.m-3) as given by UNSCAR. There is no evidence of any health issues because the mean annual effective dose (1.605291 mSv/y) was below the range from 3 to 10 mSv/y according to reported of the ICRP (1993) .

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