Shaji E.J Yashly Varghese FatimaDSilva ShrinivasaBhat Sukseh Nalini.M


Caring for a patient with a disease such as breast cancer, which requires prolonged and sophisticated treatment modalities, can cause a significant burden on the caregiver, which cannot be measured or explained in depth with existing scientific evidence. Caregivers play a vital role in caring for family members with breast cancer from the beginning until the patient's outcome. Although caregivers have been part of many studies conducted to assess the severity of their burden, also they receive less care from others and the health care team members. Research findings depict that majority of the caregivers experienced a significant amount of caregiver burden. The review has found that many factors may influence a caregiver's burden. The manifestation of burden may vary depending upon the stage of cancer diagnosis, disabilities in the patient, emotional and physical capabilities, financial and social support available, and many more factors. The caregiver burden impacts the patient's and caregivers' life and well-being. Research focusing on interventions to reduce the burden is needed in today's scenario. Early, appropriate, and timely interventions help the caregiver utilize their potential effectively to balance their dual responsibility. 

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Breast Cancer, family Caregiver, Caregiver Burden, Concept analysis, Antecedents, Consequences Factors associated with caregiver's burden of breast cancer patients Review

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