Dr. Safia Farooqui


Communication between teachers and students is not limited to the physical classroom but has shifted to include the online classroom. A learning management system can aid in providing online teaching and learning. The purpose of this research is to build a Learning Management System which features gamification. Gamification motivates students to learn and makes it easier for teachers to provide materials and give assignments to students. Learning through a Learning Management System can lead to a lack of focus, reduced classroom efficiency, and a feeling of boredom for the learners. One answer to this difficulty is to use gamification like rankings or points, badges, and leader boards to enhance active learning. This study uses a mixed-methods approach and data from monthly reviews and forum discussions, questionnaires, and data students’ interviews to assess the implementation of gamification elements in an LMS. The data from the questionnaires were analysed using descriptive statistics, and the data from student interviews were analysed using general inductive analysis. The results show that gamification in an LMS had a positive influence on active learning. The students have also provided positive feedback on the rated monthly review activity. The badges and leader board were also positively accepted by most students. Awarding points for activities was also found to improve students’ performance in class. Badges were found to increase students’ active participation, and the leader board motivated students to participate actively in online classes. The paper combines the characteristics of gamification with learning and shows the possibilities of use in practical. This study could provide guidance to teachers or institutes to implement gamification in a Learning Management System.

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Learning, learning management system, gamification, active learning, rating, points, badges, leader board

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