Dhuha Kamal Jasim Al-Ani Harith K. Buniya Farkad Hawas Musa


This study aimed to diagnose molecular to some virulence factors for C. albicans isolated from oral premature Infants whose ages ranged from one day to one year in Ramadi city, Iraq. The morphological characteristics were diagnosed on SDA media, corn flour media, and differential CHROM medium for 90 samples, showing 39 samples of C. albicans small, light green colonies. The molecular study focused on studying the genetic factors responsible for some virulence factors, where the chromosomal DNA of four selected isolates was extracted from the study isolates, depending on what we obtained from the results of the virulence factors test by choosing two isolates with high virulence factors and two with weaker virulence factors. The purity and concentration of the extracted DNA were measured and used as a template to amplify (whp1), (sap1), and (als1) genes using specific primers, and DNA pieces were obtained, with sizes 896, 750 and 745 bp, respectively. The sequences of the nitrogenous bases of (sap1) and (als1) genes were identified and matched with the database in the NCBI and the results of the comparison showed variation in the sequences between the studied strains.

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PCR, c. albicans, Candidiasis, Oral Thrush

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