Hala Kazem Makki Mohsen Ali Mousa


The aim of the study is: Identifying the psychological needs of practitioners of swimming in Dhi Qar Governorate, the researcher used the descriptive approach with the methods of survey and correlation as it is more appropriate to the objectives of the research and the nature of the problem and the researcher presented the results of the research through a table showing the results of the variable under research and reached several conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which are the conclusions and recommendations: Practitioners of swimming have the satisfaction of psychological needs as a result of practicing swimming, the needs of practitioners vary because the individual circumstances are diverse and different, the diversity in gratifications does not differ as a result of the duration of practice because it is a sport that meets the needs of practitioners in general, satisfying the need for excitement Fun is what prompted practitioners of swimming to practice it constantly and love to learn it from the beginning and the recommendations were Working to provide recreational facilities more than swimming pools and private playgrounds within Dhi Qar Governorate to meet the needs of practitioners of swimmers, working to provide subsidized and organized trips for schools aged (14-18) years to swimming pools for the purpose of satisfying their recreational needs in swimming pools in Dhi Qar, taking care of educating practitioners of swimmers about the mechanism of work in swimming pools and respecting the infrastructure in them for the sustainability of recreational facilities in Dhi Qar.

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swimming practitioners ; Dhi Qar Governorate; psychological requirements

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