Hikmat Abdel Sattar Alwan Hind Adil Ghazi


The importance of the research through the use of the method of learning by playing to develop the motor abilities of the children of Riyadh at the age of (4-6) years, which contributes in the future to their interaction with the environment that surrounds them and also to increase the development of their capabilities and transfer them to the special sports skills on which all sports events and games depend. The problem of the research lies through the field visits carried out by the researcher to some kindergartens, conducting interviews with the Riyadh administrations and teachers, reviewing the curricula in general and physical education classes in particular, and speaking with their parents, so it became clear to her that purposeful games are not used in kindergartens that develop their capabilities and motor abilities. From the foregoing, the research problem is determined by designing group motor games according to the strategy of learning by playing as a program from which we guarantee the good use of these games and their employment in their natural field, as well as knowing the impact of their use on motor abilities as an educational measure, and the research objectives were to design small games according to the learning strategy By playing for children aged 4-6 years, and identifying the effect of small games according to the strategy of learning by playing in developing motor abilities (balance, agility, flexibility) for children aged 4-6 years, and identifying the differences between the control and experimental groups in the post-tests for children aged 4-6 Years. As for the research methodology, the researcher followed the experimental approach with two equal groups, the control and experimental groups (with pre and post test), and the research community was, so the research community was determined, represented by kindergartens for ages (4-6) years in Dhi Qar Governorate, whose number is (571) children, males and females. One of the most important conclusions is that the use of the learning strategy by playing directly and significantly affected the effectiveness of children's performance, which led to the development of motor abilities, the subject of research.

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learning strategy; kindergarten children; ability

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