Ayman Khamis Ali Al-Taya Nasif Jassim Mohammed al-Ahbabi Jadoua Shahab Ahmed


The objective of this study was to analyze the competitiveness and comparative advantage of orange fruit production in Iraq and in Salah al-Din governorate and the impact of its prices compared to social prices (Global) through the use of tradable and non-tradable inputs and study of the comparative advantage of the orange fruit crop in Iraq and in Salah al-Din governorate by measuring some indicators from the policy analysis matrix and measuring the competitiveness of Iraq's orange fruit crop and Salah al-Din governorate This was done using the policy analysis matrix as a statistical model for analyzing data obtained from the questionnaire and preparing the preliminary data. The results of the study showed that protection measures and comparative advantage indicators indicated that there was no government support for the output, even if it was found to be too small and not commensurate with the scale of State support for the world's farms. The results have also demonstrated a significant difference between domestic and social sales prices, as domestic sales prices are low and losing if compared to the world's sales prices. As well as the product subsidy ratio coefficient, where it was negative, it was valued at 30%, indicating the lack of government support for this crop. Through the findings of this study, some recommendations can be used, the most important of which is the State's support for the production inputs and outputs of farmers of orange fruit, such as the provision of fertilizer and necessary supplies, the establishment of refrigerated stores to ensure that the crop is not damaged and its prices are low, as well as that agricultural plans developed by the agricultural people include all orange fruit farms and access to the most important obstacles for farmers of orange fruit. Farms must also have control over the area they cultivate. It is essential to encourage factories created by investors to manufacture materials that orange fruit enters, such as juices, jams, etc.

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Analysis of the competitiveness and comparative advantage of orange fruit production in Iraq.

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