Ahmed Abdullhadi Jabbar Ali Hussein Mohammed Nasser Salh Lhwak


Background: troponin is a complex protein considered as an important part of contractile apparatus in the skeletal and cardiac muscles. There are three subtypes of troponin (T, I, C) they become significantly released into circulation after surgery due to muscle damage. The study aim is identify the impact of surgery in serum troponin level by comparing the serum level of troponin a preoperatively and postoperatively non cardiac surgery. Method: 103 patients who were candidate for elective non-cardiac surgery, where first blood sample was drown from each patient preoperatively and the second blood sample was drown four hours after the surgery. Result: normal serum level of troponin (3-27) picogram/ml. According to age groups, this study shows increasing post-operative troponin level (but within normal range) in age group >50 years old P value 0.0001, and in age group less than 40 years old with P value 0.0001, and according to type of surgery the troponin more increase in major surgery with P value 0.0001. Conclusion: From this prospective study showed that the elevation in serum troponin in comparison preoperative and postoperative which has no clinical significance because the elevation was happened within physiological range.

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Non-cardiac surgery, Troponin, Cardiac troponin.

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