Hani Mueen Razzaq


This study aimed to examine the validity and reliability of an Arabic version of the Perceived stress questionnaire which is Consisting of 30 items, the PSQ was developed as an instrument for assessing the stressful life events and circumstances that tend to trigger or exacerbate stress symptoms among parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.The process of validity went through four steps:(a) preparing the scale of content validity; (b) selecting the panel of experts; (c) compute the ratio of content validity (CVR) for each item.(d) Calculate the content validity index (CVI) for the total scale.the CVR for each item and the CVI for the entire scale are exceed the acceptable value, which is concluded that the PSQ is valid with a good content validity index 0.81.The reliability analysis “Cronbach’s Alpha ”was run to specify the internal consistency of the scale (perceived stress questionnaire ). The reliability analysis tested on 119 parents of children, and the results showed a Cronbach’s Alpha value of (0.858). Therefore, these findings are supporting the use of this Arabic version of the scale among the parents and opening new ways for futures studies. And the Study recommends to use this scale in assessing perceived psychological stress levels among Arabic countries and among parents of chidren especially.

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Reliability, Validity, Perceived Stress Questionnaire

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