Dr. RRajkamal Dr.Jayakiruthiga. S Dr. BRETHIS.C. S Dr. ShravyaMourya Dr. Aafrin Akbar Dr. Aarthi. R Dr. RumanaSamreen.K


Introduction: Plastic bag usage has become an increasing commodity in our day-today life without taking into consideration it’s environmental and health impacts. Objectives: This study was done to assess the practice of plastic bag usage, perception of ban on plastic bags among adult population and the association between socio demographic factors and awareness of plastic bag ban among the study participants. Methods: A community based cross sectional study was carried out in Chennai city in June 2022 using a structured questionnaire amongst the adult population. RESULTS: Out of the 400 participants, majority of the subjects (94.8%) were aware that plastics bags are hazardous. Also, 348 (87%) were aware that it caused cancer. Furthermore, 314 (78.5%) were aware that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and 387 (96.8%) knew it caused pollution. Majority of the participants 385 (96.3%) were aware of the legal ban on plastic bag usage and 369 (92.3%) were in favor of prohibiting its usage and 373 (93.3%) of the subjects were open to the idea of using alternate reusable bags to contribute to an eco-friendlyenvironment.Conclusion: Most of the participants in the settings had the awareness of hazards of plastic bag usage. However, there is a need for spreading the awareness of using alternative strategies and effective implementation of legislation tominimize the usage of plastics in the community.

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Urban area, plastic bag ban, non-biodegradable, legislation.

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