Mahabad Salam Sofi Momen Yaseen M.Amin


It is incontrovertible that today we live in a world where technology has entered all areas of our life. From the invention of film in 1922 through the introduction of the computer in the mid-1970s, technology has become increasingly important in our personal and professional lives, and learners have increasingly used it. A growing body of research can be found about integrating technology into language teaching. The given literature presents that technology can amplify the quality of the teaching and learning experience. Language teachers today must learn to take advantage of technology and integrate it into their teaching skills. However, numerous challenges restrict teachers from implementing information and communication technology (ICT) in their classrooms or developing supporting resources using ICT. Hence, this study aims at learning the perceptions of high school English teachers regarding the issues and barriers that prevent them from integrating ICT into the classroom.

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Education; Integrating; ICT; Teachers’ Insight, Iraqi Kurdistan

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